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The Martial Art ... of Relationship

A Dangerously Fun Workshop for Men

with Relationship Mentor and 7th Dan Bujinkan Black Belt Instructor Mo Latin

Understanding Women, Sex and Relationships’ … the book, the podcast, the video ... It all helps.

Intellectual understanding and finding answers to your questions is part of the path ... but you cannot become a Black Belt by reading, listening and watching from the comfort of your favourite armchair.

Your success requires training the body … on the mats ... in the dojo ... physically engaged ... face to face with the unknown variables of ever-changing dynamics, direction, and intensity ... learning to adjust, adapt and navigate whatever appears in each moment … from the trained body - not the thinking mind.

This is exactly the same as how we as men must approach our relationship with the feminine, and is why embodiment training is fundamental to your success.

The Men’s Circle

‘The Mens Circle’ is an environment where you get the challenge, support and guidance you need to consciously bring your most powerful and authentic self to your life, work, sex and relationship.


Let’s face it. The world seriously needs to evolve. And it starts with you and me… … in each thought, step and breath …

MEN’S WORKSHOP: Core Principles and Embodied Practices

Discover, explore and practice ever better ways to navigate through the very real challenges of work, women, sex and your everyday world, moment by moment.


Understand the Power, Impact and Playfulness of Masculine & Feminine Energy to Make or Break Your Relationship.


Evolving Intimate Relationship. Liberating Body Wisdom Practices for Conscious Couples.


Practical Tools & Powerful Practices To Deepen Love, Trust & Connection.

Black Belt Hojojutsu Training

Hojojutsu (also known as Torinawa or Nawajutsu) is the martial art of using rope to capture, restrain, transport and display suspects and criminals in Japan during the Middle Ages and Early Modern periods. Rope was also used in various torture and interrogation methods and in execution.

VIP Immersion | Nikkō, Japan

Most successful men spend way too much time in their head… Thinking. Strategising. Finding solutions and fixing problems. Great for business and career success. Not so great for authentic relationship, deeply-connected intimacy and fully-embodied engagement in every day life.

Shibari for Couples NSFW 18+

Shibari (also known as Kinbaku) has it’s roots deep in Japanese culture and history, being inspired and influenced by the martial art of ‘hojojutsu’, Kabuki theatre plus Ukiyo-e (‘pictures from the floating world’) and Shunga (‘Spring pictures’) art.

(Limited Availability)

Deep dive personal immersion session designed to help you break through your biggest blocks to the life, sex & relationship you really want.
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(Limited Availability)

Personally designed to help you break through your biggest block to the life, love, sex & intimacy you desire.
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(Limited Availability)

Deep dive personal immersion session designed to help you break through your biggest blocks to the life, sex & relationship you really want.
Click here to apply.

Living Loving Deeper: Passion | Sex | Desire

Learn and Practice the Secrets to Loving Passion, OMG Sex & Deep Desire… That Lasts Forever!


Practical Tools & Powerful Practices To Deepen Trust, Connection & Desire.

for Couples
Giving your Gifts | Deepening Love | Growing Together

We all know that relationships and intimacy can be deeply challenging… yet they can also be a place of deep fulfilment and personal growth.

Guided Practice Sessions
with Lisa Page & Mo Latin

COUPLES & SINGLES: A rare opportunity to learn essential practices to deepen understanding, love, passion, trust and connection with an intimate partner.

12 Days of Power, Passion & Purpose

Live Q&A: from Feb 1st to Feb 12th I’m going to answer your questions LIVE on video broadcast


Evolving Intimate Relationship. Body wisdom practices for conscious couples.