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Greater Success from Boardroom to Bedroom for High Achieving Men

Do you want embodied sexual confidence, a deeply fulfilling relationship and a more adventurous sex life as well as greater success in your business?

Conscious Sexual Mastery

Relationship Fulfilment


Sexual Variety & Adventure

The Question Is… Are You Prepared To Do What It Takes?

Successful sportsmen, entrepreneurs, rock-stars and actors have coaches, teachers and mentors to help them play and stay at the top of their game. Women deeply desire men like these… and it’s not just about the money.


Here’s What You Must Understand: Success in Business, Relationship and Women’s Sexual Desire For You are Deeply Linked To your Clarity of Life Purpose,
Your alignment to your life’s mission directly affects how much she wants you sexually.
Every area of your life is affected by your sexual confidence and relationship mastery.
But what have you done to learn, practice and master relationships, sex and intimacy?
Success, confidence and fulfilment in relationships, sex and intimacy can be learned, practised and mastered, with personal coaching, training and mentoring.

jeroen“I have been working with Mo as a coach now for a couple of months. Although we have our sessions via Skype, I always notice his focused attention and presence…He is helping me getting more clarity in my relationship, and so far his direction leads to more freedom, service and fulfilment. He is a guy who combines the sharpness of the sword with a huge heart.

What stands out for me in working with Mo is his real clarity, and his deep wisdom about how to elevate relationships.”Jeroen van Schaveren | Holland


Be The Best Man You Can Be: For Yourself, Your Work, Your Woman And The World.



Fully own your masculine power, presence and purpose to live a more conscious life.

Give your greatest gifts fully to the world, through your work, to your woman and beyond.

Speak and live your deepest truth, to fully express who you really are without holding back.

Live deeply aligned, relaxed and grounded in how you show up in your work and with women.


Understand women more deeply and feel confident in navigating the unpredictable feminine.

Know how to really handle a woman’s anger, tears and ever changing moods and emotions.

Remove energy drains from your relationship and intimacy to allow and accelerate real flow in life, love and your work.

Inspire your woman to trust you completely and want to surrender to you fully, in and out of the bedroom


Experience more connected, varied and deeply pleasurable sex (for you AND your lover).

Fully explore your sexuality, your darker edges and desires, without feeling judgement, shame or guilt.

Move from a stagnant ‘junk food’ or no sex diet to conscious ‘gourmet’ sex as the power source for your life.

Dissolve your need to watch porn and discover how to explore your fantasies with a real woman. Your woman.


Terry Loveday 2“Thank you once again for such an incredible insight into how we as men can do so much more to be conscious and present in our world. Wish I met you 20 years ago. I invite any other guys who are serious about transforming their world and their relationships with their woman to join Mo’s Men’s circle. It will be the best choice you make this year.

Thanks again.”Terry Loveday | South Australia

Coaching for Men

Purposeful Life | Extraordinary Relationships | Sexual Mastery

The work we do together embodies profound change deep in your core
understanding, transformation & integration from the inside out.
Aligning your masculine truth for greater depth, power and freedom in all areas of your life.
From this new place anything is possible.
Our work is about Who You Are.
How You Show Up.
How You Feel to others, and yourself, when you walk into a room…
…before you even say a single word.

“I feel like I can really create the life I want.

There has been a lot of clearing in relation to my situation personally and I really feel able to have a springboard to larger and faster leaps in terms of integration, I am happier as a result and am feeling like I can shine and be myself even deeper.

I feel more centred content and calm, that I have been seated even more in my power centre and more aligned. I feel seated in my power, unmovable at source”

S.Green | Melbourne

  • Bring greater depth, presence, clarity and purpose to your Personal, Professional and Sexual expression.
  • Communicate powerfully with your body, breath and presence to deepen trust with both women and men.
  • Strengthen your sexual power, passion & potency to be more confident, grounded, open and free with women.
  • Unwind & dissolve the many layers and masks you still carry that are not authentically you.
  • Ask for what you want in life, sex and intimacy from an open, aligned and powerful place.
  • Speak and live your deepest truth, free to express your mind and heart without fear of judgement or rejection.
  • Deepen your masculine essence and understanding of how to connect and communicate deeply with the feminine.
  • Create attraction, passion and desire whenever you want, to increase and sustain sexual energy in relationship.
  • Let go of your need for porn. Own your sexual power and kinks completely, without feeling judged, shame or guilt.
  • Evolve and integrate your masculine and feminine strengths to allow the greatest being you are to emerge fully.
  • Walk fearlessly into her storm. Her anger. Her tears. Her moods. Her wildest fuck. And You: Open. Loving. Relaxed. Free.
  • Align your life, work, relationships and sexual expression to give and live your unique gifts, your vision, your mission.

Sam Beatson“Mo is one of the most skilled and gifted one to one counsellors on difficult topics and has the uncanny ability to get you to look deep, deep within yourself to find answers a moment ago you were not aware were there.”Sam Beatson | UK


EXPLORE: Speak freely without judgement, allowing ever deeper truths to arise. We observe. We dig deeper. We get to the heart of what you most desire and the truth about what’s really holding you back.
EMBODY: Personal guidance, practices and assignments to embody powerful habits, deeply aligned to who you need to be – dissolving old blocks and conditioning new habits and behaviours into your body.
EVOLVE: Clarity and transformation through action. Focused refinements, accountability and support for your commitments, to get you the results you most want in your life, work, relationship and more.

runner-728219“Thanks to Mo Latin for an awesome conversation last night. Simple and profound shifts happened during the time we spoke and I am really excited about how things will unfold from here! If Porn is an area of struggle for you, or has been, then having a conversation with Mo will definitely help you in getting clear.

The energy that is bound up in sexual kinks is the very energy needed to cut through habits and closures, so that a purposeful life can be lived! I’m very grateful to have been shown me a way to live with my sexual kinks that is integral, clear and true!”H.O. | London


I only work with a select few – Men who are truly ready for the next step.
Men who want to learn, grow, evolve and do the work it takes.
Men who truly want to meet women, work and world at any level.
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silhouette-1306127“We feel you are one of the most skilled, talented and knowledgeable counsellors we have come across. We both instantly felt at ease with you and we felt like you just ‘get’ us and where we are coming from. We definitely clicked and had a great connection with you.

You have an excellent grasp on psychology and the masculine and feminine dynamics.
We see you as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of couples counselling and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.”

N.T. South Australia


DR.-F.P.-New-Zealand“We decided to have coaching because we wanted to deepen our relationship and improve our intimacy, which was not getting better while having young children. Also we always had the feeling something was missing in our intimacy.

Over the past year I have been on calls with Mo (and my partner with Mo’s partner Lisa), and we have had couple coaching as well.

For me this meant that I got more insight in how to live an authentic life and it has helped me to reset my life’s goals. Furthermore I got more insight in how male-female dynamics go and now I know better how to open my woman.

Now after these twelve months I can say I would still like to make many improvements in some areas, but the coaching has provided me with many ‘tools’ to achieve this.

My relationship has miles more depth now and Our sex is better and deeper than ever – thank you for bringing this to us.

I would advise everybody to start exploring and improving their relationship” – Dr F.P. | New Zealand


Words from one woman, speaking for many…

“So many of us want to be met by a man who can go deep, do the shadow work, self reflect, do what it takes in the trenches. Good work Mo Latin.” – Rebecca Cooke | South Australia


What Women Say…

“Oh my god what has happened to my husband!!! He’s a new man!! He is so fucking amazing!!!
You said to trust you…and I did…but I had no idea what the result of that would be.
I certainly never thought it would lead to such a new husband in such a short time!

We had THE best sex of our lives!!! I’m SO HAPPY!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! :-D’”
Ivy | London


What Women Say…

andrea-photo-copy“I found Mo’s insight into the male mind when it comes to female interaction really fascinating and totally unexpected. Talking over my personal challenges with Mo in such an open and trusted environment, enabled me to ease my fears, open my eyes and my heart and truly feel what it must be like to be on the receiving end of my actions and reactions.I have since been able to relate to my partner with greater empathy by utilising Mo’s guidance. In turn, I have felt warmer and calmer which has attracted my partner’s attention and allowed him to see me as the person he fell in love with.

Mo is calm, eloquent and an avid listener; qualities a woman needs when trying to work out the real challenge in her relationship. Thank you so very much for being there for me.”

Andrea – London


“I have been privileged enough to receive Mo’s guidance on a weekly basis over the last two years and have found him to be an inspiring and empowering practitioner.

He has regularly given me insightful feedback that I am deeply grateful for and my life is richer as a result.”F.D. | London

“I feel the biggest breakthrough I had is really getting that everything is ok and being courageous to stand in my fear and not being good enough to get to the other side. I now give myself time to listen, feel, breathe and embody what’s real for me prior to reacting. This means some things have slowed down, which is peaceful.

I don’t question whether I am right or wrong anymore. I spend more time working through how we, together can get the best outcome. I don’t really care who did what, when or how, I am much more focused on what is happening right now. I feel grounded and at peace with who I am.

Understanding and acceptance of my partner has been the biggest breakthrough. Getting that she is her own self and responsible for her own self and way of being. This has brought some freedom into our relationship and provided a foundation of trust. We talk more appropriately with each other with respect and love and kindness.

The specific benefit I have experienced from a whole lot of changes is the feeling I get and a I see when I sit with my wife, and our children are with us and they look at us and be with us, smiling, playing, knowing that they have everything they need right there in the room and just being together as one. This makes it all worth while.”



‘I have had the privilege to work with Mo and I am infinitely grateful for the impact his coaching has had on my life.

Before coaching I felt really frustrated with myself, I knew there was something that I wasn’t seeing that was holding me back and yet I just hadn’t been able to figure it out. So after 6 years of struggling I decided to ask for Mo’s help.

The problem had become so big for me that it was impacting on my relationship with my fiancé and I knew that I didn’t want to start married life not being who I knew deep down I could really be.

Now Mo was tough – he didn’t let me get away with all the rubbish that was going round in my head – and he also worked with me in a way that enabled me to see what I needed to in order to get the result I was so committed to achieving.

Now I’m free to connect to my fiancé more openly and confidently which means the world to me.

Thank you’

S.M. – UK


“I’ve been wanting to explore some of the darker aspects of sex with my wife for a long time but really didn’t know where to begin. or even how to start the conversation about exploring some fantasies, trying new things that some people may call kinky. I now see that those fantasies are really quite normal between two loving people.

I found out my partner was actually in for the same things as I was, and now we are more comfortable in exploring and making those fantasies real. This has brought another whole dimension to our sex life which is great.

During (another) great coaching session 😉 I felt comfortable enough to talk this through and we found some creative and fun ways to bring up my authentic desires in a way that truly honours my woman and our relationship, without feeling judged or like some kind of deviant or pervert!

A few days later we had an edgy and exciting conversation, which led to us buying some new outfits for her which she totally loves.

She is really is relaxed about it, and enjoys me enjoying her (and enjoys her new lingerie :)). Sex is now even better not withholding and both enjoy this change very much.”

Dr. P – NZ

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