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​What People Say About Mo

“I have been working with Mo as a coach now for a couple of months. Although we have our sessions via Skype, I always notice his focused attention and presence…He is helping me getting more clarity in my relationship, and so far his direction leads to more freedom, service and fulfilment. He is a guy who combines the sharpness of the sword with a huge heart.

What stands out for me in working with Mo is his real clarity, and his deep wisdom about how to elevate relationships.”

Jeroen van Schaveren – Holland

“Thank you once again for such an incredible insight into how we as men can do so much more to be conscious and present in our world. Wish I met you 20 years ago. I invite any other guys who are serious about transforming their world and their relationships with their woman to join Mo’s Men’s circle. It will be the best choice you make this year.

Thanks again.”

Terry Loveday

“Mo is one of the most skilled and gifted one to one counsellors on difficult topics and has the uncanny ability to get you to look deep, deep within yourself to find answers a moment ago you were not aware were there.”

Sam Beatson – UK

"I just spent two days with Mo in a deep dive Private immersion because I was feeling that I wasn’t in control of my life and that I was losing myself. Not honouring who I am.

The biggest breakthrough was honouring myself. We really made a big impact here. This has helped me in a really big way since returning home. I feel like I’m actually in control. I’m not stressing or getting a little crazy like I was.

Honouring myself has ALSO given me a set of values by which to communicate, act and do everything with MY PARTNER. We have both seen positive results ALREADY due to this.

I can now feel a better future and even getting close to seeing it. This is what excites me.

I feel more space and freedom in my life, I am more comfortable and confident, feeling stronger, relaxed and more open. I’ve slowed down - not so crazy. I want to keep feeling these things everyday: by showing up and really being honest with myself I was able to resolve some issues.

The thing is, I’m not easy. I can be quite stubborn and want to do things my way. Mo took the time (although he must have been frustrated with me) he took the time to understand what I needed. What suited me. And we had a breakthrough because of that.

The big thing for me was that I found the key ingredient for me to live free from my problems. It’s hard work but I now believe I can make it easier.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mo for confidential coaching, and a private immersion experience, to breakthrough big issues for greater success in your personal life and business."

Matt D.
Entrepreneur, Melbourne

The Martial Art ... of Relationship

A Dangerously Fun Workshop for Men

"It’s been different (since the workshop). I’ve just felt like when I’m around ​(my partner) , my level of presence has increased ten fold. There’s been a couple of times where she’s gotten emotional, I’ve stood my ground, reassured her and she’s felt almost immediately better. Big shifts, brother. 🙏 Thank you.
I was a little skeptical when leaving that anything would flow into my real life but I was proven wrong."

Jan Turtun | South Australia

"The most valuable thing I got from today is this piece around embodiment ... to actually make an integrated change in my body ... able to show up as a different man. That’s what today has given a taste of, that I can feel it in my body, and have a reference point to come back to at a later date"

Greg Barwick | South Australia

"Thanks Mo. it exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed the dots you connected between the self discipline of martial arts and how some of those techniques translate into tools for complimenting and supporting the sacred feminine. It was on point!"

Steve Hayter | South Australia

"What I took from the session was to embody the masculine ... embrace it, and let it come to the surface rather than suppressing it. And then also sitting with my emotions and feeling more as well."

Roahl Parry | South Australia

The Martial Art ... of Relationship

A Dangerously Fun Workshop for Men

with Relationship Mentor and 7th Dan Bujinkan Black Belt Instructor Mo Latin

Understanding Women, Sex and Relationships’ … the book, the podcast, the video ... It all helps.

Intellectual understanding and finding answers to your questions is part of the path ... but you cannot become a Black Belt by reading, listening and watching from the comfort of your favourite armchair.

Your success requires training the body … on the mats ... in the dojo ... physically engaged ... face to face with the unknown variables of ever-changing dynamics, direction, and intensity ... learning to adjust, adapt and navigate whatever appears in each moment … from the trained body - not the thinking mind.

This is exactly the same as how we as men must approach our relationship with the feminine, and is why embodiment training is fundamental to your success.